Smart Possessions

March 08, 2004

Pete Winer writes about his visions on "Smart Possessions" in a recent blog entry:

A couple of years ago, I bought a shirt from Lands End. It's a nice shirt and I wear it a lot. Now, I'd like to buy a couple more just like it. I'm not about to go into Sears (who now owns Lands End) and go hunting for the shirt. I don't have one of their paper catalogs lying around, so Iím going to go online.

I want to be sure I get exactly the same style shirt I got last time. How can I be sure?

Until recently, I was hoping that someday my Lands End shirt would have an RFID tag in it and I would have a desktop RFID reader. I could just introduce the tag to the reader and the Lands End Web site would pop up on the screen of my home computer. And then, just like that I could buy another. Or I could buy two more. And I could buy one for my friend Mitch while Iím at it. [...]

Read the whole article for more thoughts on the "Internet of things"

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