Systems integration could slow RFID adaptation

February 19, 2004

CNET Roadblocks could slow RFID:

Early resistance to RFID adoption has come from civil liberties groups, which fear that the technology could lead to unprecedented surveillance of consumers. But industry watchers and technology vendors have identified a more mundane potential problem for RFID adopters. They warn that in the rush to launch RFID projects, businesses may be overlooking a crucial element necessary to allow the technology to work smoothly: Making sure back-end databases and business applications can handle the massive amounts of information generated by RFID-enabled systems.

"Companies are going to have problems when they drop RFID on top of shaky infrastructures," said Kara Romanow, an analyst at AMR Research in Boston. "In order to do RFID right, to see a true return, the first thing (a company) needs to do is finish a data synchronization initiative, and do it right."

(via the emerging technologies blog)

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