New RFID Survey Casts Doubt

July 03, 2005

A BEA survey has reported that only 29% of UK respondents thought RFID gave any benefits. This data validates the thought that many of the public simply do not know what RFID can do to the supply-ship industry, let alone what the four letter monaker means. According to

Seven out of 10 respondents said they would need "a lot more information" before they made a decision about implementing it. The report said: "Benefits of RFID are not well understood... Respondents also say RFID seems promising but they don't know where to start." Asset tracking, stock control and order status tracking were the areas where RFID could create the biggest benefit. Six out of 10 said integration and data management would be the biggest issue for RFID implementations. Only five UK companies interviewed said they were using RFID now. Cranfield School of Management research fellow Dr Andrew White said RFID is beginning to have an impact on a wide variety of business processes.

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From RFID Times

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