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June 20, 2005

This live journal entry reminded me of the thing I thought about reporting in January.

Perhaps the most impressive was a multiplayer medieval fantasy roleplaying videogame that seems to use cards (maybe RFID-embedded?) as the player interface. Each player lays down and moves cards on his playing surface and watches his own viewpoint on a monitor, while a larger monitor (out of sight of the players) shows the overall action to observers

It sounds like this game is SEGA's Sangokushi (or Sanguo Zhi in Chinese) Taisen ( Major War).

This game is unique in the way how it combines Arcade Games, Trading Cards and RFID cards to provide new gaming experiences. There are two different kinds of cards used in this game. One is Trading Cards whose movements are detected by so-called Flat-Reader (see below). Players control their own armies by simply moving the cards on the surface. (I couldn't find any information about the technology used for detecting the cards. My guess is, since RFID tags are rather expensive for this kind of things, it could be some sort of chipless RF identification technology. But again, it's just a guess.)


The other is so-called "Lord Cards" for storing player information. this website says RFID Technology is used for "Lord Cards."

This is not the first videogame machine that combines RFID, Trading Cards and Arcade games. SEGA's World Club Champion Football uses very similar hardware -- this game was perhaps introduced in 2002 and has been around since then. I think this is the one I saw in Akihabara this January.

SEGA has other interesting videogame machines including Mushi King (King of Bugs)
and Oshare Majo Love and Berry (Fashionable Witch -Love and Berry). These are tageted for younger kids and use barcodes instead of RFID. They also combine Trading Cards and Arcade Games by exploiting automatic identification technology.

- Tracking Arcade Game Players
- Buy Movie Tickets, Play Arcade Games

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Posted by konomi


This is SO cool! Haven't seen any of those games over here in UK, but I guess they're bound to show up in a couple of years: combining the highly profitable business of trading cards with new technology like this is really inventive!

Posted by: Anders at June 20, 2005 12:37 PM

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