RFIDbuzz: 1.5 years and growing

August 10, 2005

One of the first blogs dedicated to RFID when we started almost a year and a half ago, RFIDbuzz is still growing: 9 authors, 175 posts (a post every third day) and now we want to make even more buzz about this area of technology:

Are you already a blogger?
... or are you perhaps an opinated industry insider?

Are you a privacy activist?
... or do you think RFID is the best technology since toasters?

Can you explain technology for non-technologists?
... or do you follow misc news sources and want to share when something interesting pops up?

Want to see your name in print? Want to receive occational offers of books to review, article previews etc? Want to join the RFIDbuzz editors team?

Give us a shout; we need to talk...

Posted by andersja

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